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Medicinal plants that are currently being used in many different cultures. Part of thisplant that can be used to record from herbal roots, stems and leaves. What are the benefits of a little-known still serai?

-Medicine digestive disorders

Tea contains Lemongrass helps overcome the indigestion, pain in the lower abdomen, colds, diarrhea and intestinal cramps. Lemongrass is also helping to reduce the gas of the intestines and prevents the formation of the gas further.

-Benefits in the nervous system

Essential oils have been created using the serai can be used for strengthening and improving the functioning of the nervous system. Therefore a Citronella oil on the surface of the body, making the effect of warmed up, relaxes muscles and relieves cramp smeared.

-Lowering blood pressure

Lemongrass is effective in the complex blood pressure, stimulates blood circulation and blood pressure problems. Consumption of a glass of juice of lemon grass on the reduction of hypertension.

-Beautiful skin
Lemongrass is a pillar in the cosmetic industry. The benefits include reduction of acne and serve as fresheners. Citronella oil can also be dibalurkan throughout the body to the effect of heat.

How to make the herb plants Cymbopogon

40 grams of fresh lemon grass leaves washed clean Yes, then take 2 glasses of water and simmered until the water a 1/2 after cold filtered and drank deh 2 times per day
-launch of menstruation drink = 2 times a day before meals
-Ulcer = drink 2 times per day after meals
-toothache and swollen gums = dikumur

Disposal of cough offer 50 grams leaves of Lemongrass, dry boiled with 2 glasses of water to the water a drink 1/2, 3 times per day

Cure sprains offer fruit 3 grains with 2 sticks serai give the water copra pounded a little past heated (short), then apply with regard to the sprain
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